Friday, April 6, 2012

Racists and Misogynists Rejoice! It's Masters Weekend

THE BIG THREE ARE PART OF THE BIG LIE.  Jack Nicklaus, Arnold Palmer, and Gary Player in their
 green jackets in front of the Augusta National Clubhouse.  None of the pro golfers will say anything
negative about Augusta's no-women membership policy.
This weekend is when America gets down on its collective knee and kisses the asses of the green jacketed members at Augusta National in Georgia, home of the Masters Golf Tournament.

The good old boy racists and misogynists who are members at Augusta run the tournament, and the media, the PGA, and the professional golfers themselves just shrug their shoulders when anyone has the balls to bring up anything negative.

Hey, fellas, Augusta does not admit women as members, and the only reason there is ONE African-American member is because of the pressure that was placed on the crackers in 1990 to admit one.  1990?  Didn't that take a while, American Mainstream Media?  And guess what, Augusta National has not added another African-American member in the last 22 years!  Surprise, Surprise!

The CBS Television Network won't say anything negative about Augusta's policy of not admitting women as members.  If anyone asks network executives about the policy, they get defensive and say, "If we don't broadcast the tournament because of the membership policy at Augusta, someone else will."  Bullshit.

If you don't broadcast the tournament, CBS, maybe you will bring some light on WHY Augusta National does not admit women as members.  But you, CBS, are more concerned with not upsetting the racists and misogynists.  Hell, you even benched one of your on-course announcers, Gary McCord, when the Augusta members objected to McCord saying that the 17th green at Augusta National was so fast "it seemed to be bikini-waxed."  And that was in 1994 for God's sake!  McCord STILL is not a part of the CBS broadcast--now that's Cracker Power, boys and girls!

Take a stand, CBS.  The Republicans are always complaining how liberal your news coverage is--live up to your reputation!

PGA commissioner Tim Finchem is worse than CBS.  When reporters ask him about the no-women-members policy at Augusta, Finchem claims the Masters is not a  PGA sanctioned event.

I beg your pardon, Tim, but how many of your SANCTIONED tournaments tie into the Masters?  Huh?  If Ernie Els would have won last weekend at the Houston Open, he would have qualified for the Masters, and there are all kinds of other "connections" to the Masters throughout the year where the PGA tour qualifies its players for the Masters.

You could, Mr. Finchem, stand up and stop this!

One of the reporters on Chicago Tribune Live on CSN Chicago speculated the other night that maybe the pro golfers would boycott the Masters someday because of the no-women-members policy.  I literally fell out of my chair and rolled around the floor laughing.

The Professional Golf Tour is rife with right-wing Republicans who could care less about race or women's rights.  Hell, these are the same guys who threatened a boycott of a meeting with President Bill Clinton when they were on the Ryder Cub team.  Paul Azinger called the President a "draft dodger," and said he wouldn't shake Clinton's hand (It turned out Azinger was the first of the Ryder Cup Team to shake Clinson's hand). 

Now tell me, Paul.  Since you were born on January 6, 1960, how do you know anything about Viet Nam?  Every one of my buddies who served honorably in Nam told me to avoid going at all costs.

If anyone expects the pro golfers to ever boycott Augusta, they're dreaming.   They're too busy kissing Augusta National Chairman Billy Payne's fat ass.  I listened to Phil Mickelson gush the other day about Augusta National and how much he loves the week and loves the golf course, blah, blah blah.

In 1997 Fuzzy Zoeller, the 1979 Masters champion called Tiger Woods a little boy and urged him not to order fried chicken or collard greens for the Champions Dinner the next year.  The green jackets hah, hah, hahed all the way down Magnolia Lane at Fuzzy's funny.

I won't be watching the Masters this weekend.  Instead I'll be playing with my two granddaughters on Easter Sunday and wondering how I'll tell them in a few years why they will NEVER be able to join Augusta National.


  1. Loving this blog, Jim. Reminds me of the old days when you'd stir things up at school!

  2. Great blog, Jim! Thanks for your insights!

  3. In the US we love to talk about what is wrong but we have grown timid about actually calling people out for doing it. Especially when those people are powerful and influential. Respected institutions such as the Masters should not get a pass because they are old and distinguished any more than the founding fathers should be spared scrutiny for owning slaves.

    Nice post Jim.